Author: Rosina Gammarano

Rosina Gammarano
Rosina is an Economist in the Data Production and Analysis Unit of the ILO Department of Statistics. She is the focal point on SDG labour market indicators, a recurrent author for Spotlight on Work Statistics and is passionate about inequality and gender issues.
work stoppages

At least 44’000 work stoppages since 2010

Effective social dialogue is a key means to promote better wages and working conditions. But when it fails, work stoppages may ensue. ILO data show that this has happened at least 44 thousand times since 2010.

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Work and employment are not synonyms
forms of work

Work and employment are not synonyms

Work and employment may be used indistinctly in everyday language, but for the labour market they mean very different things. Employment is a very specific form of work. Other forms of work include volunteer work, unpaid trainee work and work for own use.

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potential labour force

Persons outside the labour force: How inactive are they really?

Inactivity rates are increasing around the world, while the global population and labour force are ageing. But the inactivity rate is an aggregate measure overlooking the different profiles of people outside the labour force. This new Spotlight on Work Statistics explores the characteristics of the potential labour force, made up of persons outside the labour force with an attachment to the labour market.

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labour underutilization

Avoiding unemployment is not enough

Discover the patterns around the world of unemployment and other forms of labour underutilization, including time-related underemployment, the potential labour force and over-education in Avoiding unemployment is not enough, the fourth issue of our series Spotlight on work statistics.

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Paid employment vs vulnerable employment

Find out the latest trends in employment by status category and how paid employment compares to vulnerable employment around the world in Paid employment vs vulnerable employment, the third issue of our new series Spotlight on work statistics.

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older workers

What about seniors?

Learn about the situation of older persons in the labour market in What about seniors?, the first issue of our new series Spotlight on work statistics where we use ILOSTAT data to explore various labour market issues.

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