Roger Gomis

Roger Gomis

Roger is a Senior Economist in the Data Production and Analysis Unit of the ILO Department of Statistics. He develops and maintains the ILO modelled estimates.
SDG labour market indicators

Charting progress on the global goals and decent work

As the world faces a number of complex challenges, we examine key labour indicators to assess the impact of unprecedented crises in order to shed light on global trends and regional variations and their impact on our ability to realise the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

labour underutilization

Women are more likely than men to want a job but not have one

Measures of joblessness that reflect the most urgent need for employment (such as unemployment) point to moderate differences between women and men. Yet, broader measures of joblessness point to much larger gender disparities – particularly in developing countries.

labour income

The declining labour income share

The labour income share is a key inequality measure, and an SDG indicator. The share of total income benefiting workers is declining globally.

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