Author: Kieran Walsh

Kieran Walsh
Kieran Walsh is a Senior Statistician in the Labour Force Survey (LFS) Methodology Team of the ILO Department of Statistics. His focus is on providing support to countries seeking to implement the LFS using the latest standards and practices. He is a strong believer that statistics serve as a springboard to sustainable development through well targeted and designed evidence-based policies.

Will COVID-19 impair the availability and quality of labour statistics?

The pandemic is radically impacting our lives. But what about the statistics used to assess those impacts?  Without timely and accurate information, we will not act through adequate and informed policies. Though numbers should focus on the health of the population, we also need to understand what is happening in the domain of labour statistics. That is, how is COVID-19 affecting our working lives?  What is less obvious, however, is that the pandemic is also affecting our ability to compile such statistics.