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International Day of Rural Women: The unfinished quest for decent work for all

Challenges to decent work are different in rural and urban areas, but women in rural areas face additional hurdles to access decent work. Higher labour force participation in rural areas in the developing world and widespread decent work deficits of rural jobs reveal the need to promote healthy rural labour markets for everyone.

Indicator description: International labour migration statistics

Introduction The ILOSTAT database on International Labour Migration Statistics (ILMS) is a set of indicators describing the number and profile of international migrant workers, their situation in the labour market and employment patterns, their main origin and destination countries and the magnitude of inward and outward migration flows.  Concepts and definitions According the ILO Guidelines …

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COVID-19 and the new meaning of safety and health at work

In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, occupational safety and health takes on even greater importance. It is a core aspect of decent work, and as such, it should be universally guaranteed. Yet, too many work accidents still take place every year. Work accidents have a significant human, social and economic cost, which we should strive to eliminate by ensuring that all workplaces are safe and healthy.

Catalogue of ILOSTAT sources

Catalogue of national data sources The table below provides an overview of national data sources available in ILOSTAT, including household surveys (e.g., labour force surveys), establishment surveys and administrative records. Click on the plus sign (+) for further information on the coverage of the source and the list of topics covered in the database using …

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Will COVID-19 impair the availability and quality of labour statistics?

The pandemic is radically impacting our lives. But what about the statistics used to assess those impacts?  Without timely and accurate information, we will not act through adequate and informed policies. Though numbers should focus on the health of the population, we also need to understand what is happening in the domain of labour statistics. That is, how is COVID-19 affecting our working lives?  What is less obvious, however, is that the pandemic is also affecting our ability to compile such statistics.


COVID-19 and labour statistics The coronavirus pandemic has a large impact on our lives and our societies — but what is the impact and consequences for labour markets and the collection of labour statistics? The impact on labour markets at a glance 1 % Employed in countries with workplace closures Among upper middle-income countries, around …

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