Persons in own-use production work are defined as all those of working age who, during a short reference period, performed any activity to produce goods or provide services for own final use, where:

  • “any activity” refers to work performed for a cumulative total of at least one hour;
  • production of “goods”covers:
    • producing and/or processing for storage agricultural, fishing, hunting and gathering products;
    • collecting and/or processing for storage mining and forestry products, including firewood and other fuels;
    • fetching water from natural and other sources;
    • manufacturing household goods (such as furniture, textiles, clothing, footwear, pottery or other durables, including boats and canoes);
    • building, or effecting major repairs to, one’s own dwelling, farm buildings, etc.;
  • provision of “services” covers:
    • household accounting and management, purchasing and/or transporting goods;
    • preparing and/or serving meals, household waste disposal and recycling;
    • cleaning, decorating and maintaining one’s own dwelling or premises, durables and other goods, and gardening;
    • childcare and instruction, transporting and caring for elderly, dependent or other household members and domestic animals or pets, etc.;
  • “for own final use” is interpreted as production where the intended destination of the output is mainly for final use by the producer in the form of capital formation, or final consumption by household members, or by family members living in other households:
    • the intended destination of the output is established in reference to the specific goods produced or services provided, as self-declared (i.e. mainly for own final use);
    • in the case of agricultural, fishing, hunting or gathering goods intended mainly for own consumption, a part or surplus may nevertheless be sold or bartered.
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