Spotlight on Work Statistics

Delving into the potential labour force with ILO harmonized estimates
A study based on ILO’s global estimates of employment by economic class
Labour market access - a persitent challenge for youth around the world
A study based on ILO’s global estimates for youth labour market indicators
Spotlight on Work Statistics: Avoiding unemployment is not enough
An analysis of other forms of labour underutilization
Exploring light time-use approaches for measuring productive activities
Spotlight on Work Statistics: aid employment vs vulnerable employment
A brief study of employment patterns by status in employment
Employment patterns across sectors and occupations
Spotlight on Work Statistics: What about seniors?
A quick analysis of the situation of older persons in the labour market

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Labour market situation of persons with disabilities

How do people with disabilities fare in the labour market?

Finding work can be tough for people with disabilities. While the number of people with disabilities in the workforce has been rising in many countries, in part due to changing attitudes and improved legislation, if you have a disability, you’re still more likely to be out of work than a person who doesn’t.