Are migrants also sucessful in the labour market?

4th meeting of the Working Group on Labour Migration Statistics

The 20th ICLS in 2018 endorsed the ILO Guidelines concerning statistics of international labour migration. The guidelines set forth the objectives and scope of the statistics of international labour migration, the main concepts and definitions, the procedures of data collection including the data items and tabulation, the data sources, and the measurement of issues. Paragraph 59 of the Guidelines call on the ILO, in collaboration with interested countries, international and regional organizations, and workers’ and employers’ representatives, “[to] continue methodological work relating to these guidelines, in particular, on appropriate methodologies for capturing and collecting data on the main categories and subcategories of international migrant workers, for‐work international migrants, and return international migrant workers.”

In line with this directive, the ILO has developed a strategy to address the main methodological issues. The strategy involves five steps:
(a) review of national sources and country practices concerning statistics of international labour migration;
(b) development of viable methodologies for each of the main categories and sub-categories of international labour migration;
(c) discussion of the outcomes with a Working Group of experts especially established for the purpose as well as soliciting views of others through regional workshops and on-line platforms;
(d) country studies to pilot and field test the agreed methodologies in selected countries representing the different regions of the world; and
(e) preparation of a time-table of activities and a progress report for presentation at the 21st ICLS, envisaged to be held in 2023.

Work toward the implementation of the strategy began was in 2020, though at a somewhat slower pace than originally planned, due to the inevitable interruptions related to the COVID-19 pandemic. The document to be discussed is meant to report on some of the activities undertaken and serve as a description of three of the presentations prepared for this virtual meeting. The outcome of the deliberations of the Working Group will be incorporated in a revised version of the document with a view of contributing to the preparation of the ILO report for submission to the 21st ICLS.

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