Labour market access – a persistent challenge for youth around the world

The fifth issue of our series Spotlight on work statistics uses the first ever global estimates of youth not in employment, education or training along with other youth labour market indicators to explore the situation of youth in labour markets around the world, and unveil the additional challenges they face.
© Marcel Crozet / ILO
© Marcel Crozet / ILO

The situation of youth in the labour market and the economy has a great impact on the community as a whole: today’s youth are the cornerstone of tomorrow’s society. The education, skills and professional experience gained in their youth determine how well equipped they will be for this.

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  • Rosina Gammarano

    Rosina is an Economist in the Data Production and Analysis Unit of the ILO Department of Statistics, currently seconded to the UN Resident Coordinator’s team in Mexico. In the ILO, she was the focal point on SDG labour market indicators and a recurrent author for Spotlight on Work Statistics. Passionate about addressing inequality and gender issues, she is now sharing her expertise with the UN Mexico office.

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