Only half of workers worldwide hold jobs corresponding to their level of education

Over the years, considerable effort has been invested in improving the educational attainment of people worldwide, especially as part of the implementation of the Millennium Development Goals and the Sustainable Development Goals. However, the enormous progress achieved in raising levels of education, especially among women and girls, has not translated into corresponding improvements in labour market outcomes.

ITC e-learning course on measuring skills mismatches

E-Learning course on measuring skills mismatches

Skills mismatching is a common concern of policy-makers, employers and workers. It is a recurring theme in vocational education and skills development, with many policy initiatives launched to address various forms of the phenomenon. Where evidence-based skills are concerned, policy-making statistics on various forms of skill mismatching are needed. Building on its long experience in …

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Measuring skills mismatches

This course focuses on measuring skills mismatches and imbalances from both the demand and supply sides. The course will highlight the latest guidelines developed by the ILO with regard to measuring skills mismatches, while also emphasizing the SDG and the decent work indicators framework.


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