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List of statistical resources

The ILO provides online resources and personalized technical advice to support its member States with the implementation of international statistical standards, data production, analysis and dissemination.

LFS research and development

Learn more about the ILO’s programme of methodological research to identify and promote good practices in the collection and reporting of labour statistics.

Catalogue of ILOSTAT sources

This catalogue of national data sources presented in ILOSTAT provides an overview of worldwide sources available for labour statistics.

ICLS documents

Find resolutions, guidelines, meeting room documents and reports related to the International Conference of Labour Statisticians (ICLS).

LFS questionnaire viewer

This viewer allows users to take a close look at questions in the ILO model LFS questionnaires for PAPI.

Measuring unpaid domestic and care work

Discover a practical tool for measuring unpaid domestic and care work and find out how we can assist you in making time-use data collection and analysis faster, easier, and more accurate.

Population Census resources

Online resources for data producers to improve their population census to be in line with the latest international statistical standards for labour.

SDMX tools

Tools based on the Statistical Data and Metadata eXchange (SDMX) standard for data producers to generate and report labour statistics.

Concepts and definitions

Database descriptions, statistical standards (resolutions and guidelines), and guides and manuals – all the metadata to better understand the labour statistics presented on ILOSTAT.


See the upcoming schedule for major events, training and workshops in labour statistics.


Learn about the latest labour statistics trends using ILOSTAT data and get insights into methodological issues.

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