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Dissemination and analysis

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Featuring databases on a wide range of labour topics, ILOSTAT is widely used by journalists, researchers, academia and the general public, particularly for international comparisons. Below is an overview of the dissemination channels for ILOSTAT databases and analysis, as well as recommendations for proper citations.

Dissemination tools

We disseminate data through a variety of channels to meet the needs of different types of users. These tools are available from the data page.


ILOSTAT is a recurrent source of data for many ILO flagship publications, including the World Employment Social Outlook. The Department of Statistics also carries out its own analysis, mainly for the purpose of  demonstrating uses of ILOSTAT data. This analysis is presented in a statistical brief series called Spotlight on Work Statistics and through our blog. See the latest posts below.

Uses of ILOSTAT data

Data in ILOSTAT databases are widely re-used by other organizations for their datasets and as inputs into world recognized indices. Examples include:

World Bank
United Nations Statistics Division
United Nations Development Programme


ILOSTAT data are free to use and should be cited as follows regardless of the data tool used to access the data.

MLA style

MLA does not have specific guidance for citing data. Since ILO’s data are available online through the ILOSTAT portal, follow the formatting guidance for electronic sources generally. Please cite the database name, ILOSTAT and website link.
International Labour Organization. ILO modelled estimates database, ILOSTAT. Accessed 14-02-2022.


APA Style

International Labour Organization. (2020). ILO modelled estimates database, ILOSTAT [database]. Available from


Chicago style


International Labour Organization. “ILO modelled estimates database” ILOSTAT. Accessed 14-02-2022.

When using footnotes or endnotes in Chicago Style, separate the elements of the citation with commas instead of periods.
International Labour Organization, “ILO modelled estimates database,” ILOSTAT, Accessed 14-02-2022,
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