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The ILO does not provide access to country survey microdata. Requests for specific survey datasets should be directed to the relevant national statistical office.

Availability of data depends on what Member States report to us through the annual ILOSTAT questionnaire, on what can be automatically collected online, and what can be produced from our microdata processing. Additionally, the ILO produces modelled estimates and projections for selected indicators. All these data are disseminated on our data page. If the data you are looking for are unavailable in the ILOSTAT database, it is because the ILO does not have this information.

Availability of ILO modelled estimates is as from 1991 for some indicators and 2004 for others. Previous periods of time are not available.

You can consult the ILO website by topics (–en/index.htm) and select the topic of your interest to access the most recent publications related to it. You can also consult the ILO library for archived documents (–en/index.htm).

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