Asia and the Pacific

“I am Generation Equality”: Ideals versus reality in Asia and the Pacific’s labour markets

In 1995, an ambitious and progressive plan to improve empowerment of all women and girls globally was developed at the historic Fourth World Conference on Women. Since then, a new generation of women workers have become eligible to enter the workforce; but have they been able to find equal work and pay?

Country groupings

See the country groupings by ILO region and World Bank income group for data in ILOSTAT. Regional groups vary across UN organizations despite similar names.

International labour migration statistics in South Asia: Establishing a subregional database and improving data collection for evidence-based policy-making

This report provides a comprehensive analysis of statistics related to extraregional labour migration of South Asian nationals, referring to those migrating outside of the subregion from the following eight countries: Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. Where applicable and relevant to the statistical discussion, this report also includes conversations on developments and trends in extraregional labour migration, migrant worker attributes (such as sex, skill level, occupation, country of destination, method of recruitment and more) and associated thematic areas (such as remittances) in South Asia.

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