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Fallout of COVID-19: Working moms are being squeezed out of the labour force

A workable balance is what parents are desperately trying to find in these uncertain times. Even in “normal” times, the balance between work and family has not been an easy one to achieve. The challenge is not new, especially for women. But the pandemic is shining a stadium size light to the problem, can it also shine light on the solution?

“I am Generation Equality”: Ideals versus reality in Asia and the Pacific’s labour markets

In 1995, an ambitious and progressive plan to improve empowerment of all women and girls globally was developed at the historic Fourth World Conference on Women. Since then, a new generation of women workers have become eligible to enter the workforce; but have they been able to find equal work and pay?

ITC e-learning course on STATA for labour market analysis

STATA for labour market analysis

This course will teach the necessary skills to use STATA statistical software for analysing the labour market in evidence-based policy-making, including the SDGs and decent work indicators.

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