labour underutilization

Alternative measures of labour underutilization, including LU2, LU3 and LU4, time-related underemployment, and youth not in employment, education or training (NEET)

© Marcin Jozwiak / Unsplash

Fallout of COVID-19: Working moms are being squeezed out of the labour force

A workable balance is what parents are desperately trying to find in these uncertain times. Even in “normal” times, the balance between work and family has not been an easy one to achieve. The challenge is not new, especially for women. But the pandemic is shining a stadium size light to the problem, can it also shine light on the solution?

International Day of Rural Women: The unfinished quest for decent work for all

Challenges to decent work are different in rural and urban areas, but women in rural areas face additional hurdles to access decent work. Higher labour force participation in rural areas in the developing world and widespread decent work deficits of rural jobs reveal the need to promote healthy rural labour markets for everyone.

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