Meeting documents from the International Conferences of Labour Statisticians (ICLS) from 1923 to the present are organized by session. 

Report I: General report

Report II: Statistics on the informal economy

Report III: Final report of the Conference (forthcoming end of October)

Room document 1 – Conceptual Framework for Statistics on the Informal Economy

Room document 2 – Country practices for measuring informal sector and informal employment

Room document 3 – Integrating dependent contractors in the framework for statistics on the informal economy

Room document 4 – Defining informality for contributing family workers

Room document 5 – Contextualising informality: The Informal Economy Indicator Framework

Room document 6 – Updates to the resolution concerning statistics of work, employment and labour underutilization

Room document 7 – New modular LFS tools for statistics on own use provision of services

Room document 8 – Standardising statistical definitions and measurement guidance on care work

Room document 9 – Work related income – amendment of existing standards and guidance and future directions

Room document 10 – Assessing availability of survey data on violence and harassment in the world of work

Room document 11 – Towards developing a conceptual and measurement framework for statistics on violence and harassment in the world of work

Room document 12 – Digital platform work and employment

Room document 13 – Remote work, telework, work at home and home-based work

Room document 14 – Measuring cooperatives: A progress update on the ILO Pilot study on the applicability and implementation of the Guidelines in five countries

Room document 15 – Measuring the social and solidarity economy (SSE): A proposed roadmap for developing Guidelines concerning statistics of the SSE

Room document 16 – National practices and future priorities in producing statistics on international labour migration

Room document 17 – Recent global developments and proposed updates to the 20th ICLS Guidelines concerning statistics of international labour migration

Room document 18 – The International Standard Classification of Occupationsf (ISCO-08): recent developments and revision

Room document 19 – Engendering informality statistics – overview and outcomes of the project

Room document 20 – Making full use of administrative data – A case for administrative records as a complementary source of labour statistics

Room document 21 – Integrating Child Labour Statistics into National Statistical Frameworks

Room document 22 – Progress in forced labour statistics since 2018

Room document 23 – Industrial relations data: update on available quantitative and qualitative data and underlying methodologies and data collection efforts

Room document 24 – Promotion and ratification of ILO Convention No. 160 (1985) on Labour Statistics

Room document 25 – National practices in measuring work-based learning

Room document 26 – Unlocking the Power of Microdata: Enhancing International Comparability and Data Availability in ILOSTAT

Room document 27 – Labour Market Information Systems (LMIS):  Maximizing the potential of labour market data and analysis for effective policymaking

The Director-General proposes the following agenda:

  • general report on past and planned statistical activities of the ILO since the last ICLS in October 2018;
  • revision of the standards for statistics on informality;
  • examination of concepts, statistical definitions and measurement methods of issues relevant for decent work, including indicators identified under ILO’s custodianship in the Global Indicator Framework set up for monitoring the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda; violence and harassment at work; International Standard Classification of Occupations (ISCO-08); international labour migration; child labour; forced labour; and cooperatives.

Draft agenda

21st ICLS - 11 to 20 October 2023

20th ICLS - 10 to 19 October 2018

The Conference adopted four resolutions concerning statistics on work relationships, child labour and the methodology of SDG indicators on labour rights and youth employment.

19th ICLS - 2 to 11 October 2013

The Conference adopted five resolutions concerning statistics of work, employment and labour underutilization; further work on forced labour, cooperatives and labour migration; and the functioning of the Conference.

18th ICLS - 24 November to 5 December 2008

The Conference adopted resolutions concerning statistics of working time and child labour; logistics of the Conference; and further work on measuring labour underutilization and decent work.

Reports from prior ICLS (1923 - 1998)

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