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ICLS documents

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Meeting documents from the International Conferences of Labour Statisticians (ICLS) from 1923 to the present are organized by session. 

21st ICLS (2023 October 11-20)

20th ICLS (2018 October 10-19)

The Conference adopted four resolutions concerning statistics on work relationships, child labour and the methodology of SDG indicators on labour rights and youth employment.

19th ICLS (2013 October 2-11)

The Conference adopted five resolutions concerning statistics of work, employment and labour underutilization; further work on forced labour, cooperatives and labour migration; and the functioning of the Conference.

18th ICLS (2008 November 24-December 5)

The Conference adopted resolutions concerning statistics of working time and child labour; logistics of the Conference; and further work on measuring labour underutilization and decent work.

Reports from prior ICLS (1923 - 1998)

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