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The framework on work statistics has been widely publicized over the years, particularly to data producers and policymakers, as it was designed to improve labour market and gender analysis. But little has been said to data users interested in international comparisons. Until now. Here is the ILOSTAT solution to handling the impacts of revised definitions occurring on different schedules across the globe.

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Resolutions and guidelines

Statistical standards adopted by the ICLS


Resolution concerning statistics of employment in the informal sector

Guidelines concerning a statistical definition of informal employment

NOTE: The ILO established a working group for the revision of the standards for statistics on informality.  The revision will lead to the replacement of the existing standards of informality with a coherent set of statistical standards which conceptually and operationally define the different concepts necessary for measurement of work and economic activity in the informal economy.

Guides and manuals

In-depth guidance on producing and using labour statistics, including applying international standards

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Population Census resources

Online resources for data producers to improve their population census to be in line with the latest international statistical standards for labour.

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